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Fire Evacuation

Fire Evacuation Training

We deliver fire evacuation training that is customised to suit each workplace.  

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Links to legislation and other tools

Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990

Click on link and search for the Act.

Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008

Click on the link and search for the regulation.

Fire Safety Management Tool

This is the management tool and advisory notes developed by  Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to assist owners and occupiers in managing their compliance to the above Act and Regulation.

Building Classifications

Training Workshop Costs

The prices below are based on tp to 12 participants per course.  An additional 70c/km will be charged to cover the cost of travel outside of Kingaroy.

Fire Evacuation Training


Thank you Graham House Community Centre. A credit to all the staff and volunteers who work there. A very engaging workshop with great learning on both sides. We look forward to catching up with you all again soon.  ~ Tina Torrens – September 2020

Thanks again for doing our training for us yesterday. It’s a topic that not many people get excited about but you made it interesting and fun as well as informative.

Getting us all to actually use the fire extinguishers was a great idea. There’s no substitute for hands-on practice to demystify things and make them somewhat familiar.

The highlight for me was the fire drill. Using it as a training tool taught me (and all of us) so much that you don’t get when you just do it yourself.

It was a fun way to put ourselves and our processes to the test and see what works, what doesn’t and why things like the sign-in sheet are important.

Dr Christelle Withers-Mayne, Manager - Graham House


Are your diagrams compliant?

The team at Torkit Business Solutions will work closely with you to design and develop compliant evacuation diagrams / signs for your business. We will assess the most effective locations for your diagram placement and each will be orientated accordingly (with regard to the direction of the way out and its location to the ‘You are here’ point).

The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 objective is:

To ensure that persons can evacuate buildings safely and quickly if a fire or hazardous materials emergency happens and to ensure prescribed fire safety installations for buildings are maintained.

As per Part 4 Evacuation Planning, Instruction and Practice- section 18,

the following fire safety reference points must be shown on an evacuation plan:
– the place that corresponds to the place in the building where the diagram is displayed – “you are here”
– the route to the nearest exit and each exit of the building
– intercommunication devices (if any) and manually operated fire alarms (if any)
– firefighting equipment
– designated assembly areas and the route from the exit to the assemble area

How to organise a free no obligation quote

If you have a current floor plan(s), email them or drop off a copy to our officeA quotation will be emailed to you within 7 days.  Upon accepting the quotation terms and conditions, our qualified consultant will contact you to organise an onsite visit to:

– Design a floor plan (if no plans can be provided)

– Document where emergency equipment is located

– Check entrances / exits

– Review areas for placement of evacuation diagrams / signage

–  Identify emergency assembly area


Depending on the size of your facility, the cost could vary from $330 upwards (single level building)
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