Red Earth Community Foundation (RECF) and Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) are proud to bring to you, this years amazing group of presenters.

Building a Stronger South Burnett

Natalie Egleton - CEO FRRR

23rd May 2018

Lisa Ryan - Adaptive Leadership Australia

13th June 2018

Peter Lewis - Past ABC Landline Journalist

12th Sept 2018

Jo Eady - RuralScope Director

25th  Feb 2019


Dinner - Post Workshops

Each workshop facilitator (1, 2, 3 and 4) will be delivering a  dinner presentation.  The community and workshop participants are all invited to attend.  Dinner venue is at TAFE Queensland - Kingaroy Campus

1. Philanthropy

23rd May 2018 - How do community foundations really work?  What can we use a community foundation for?  This workshop taps into national and international experience. Click here to find out more about this workshop.

2. Social Impact

13th June 2018 - What is social impact and how can we use it to support our community? Do you want to strengthen your community?  Click here to find out more about this workshop.

3. Communication

12th Sept 2018 - How do I share my story, my business, my community and my interest effectively within the wider community?  What tools can I use? Click here to find out more about this workshop.

4. Effective Mentoring

25th Feb 2019 - What is mentoring?  How do I find a mentor?  How do I become a mentor?  This workshop explores all that mentoring has for our region.  Click here to find out more about this workshop.

Study Tour 1

25th July 2018 - Social Impact - Join us on a trip to Toowoomba to hear more about what E-Raced, Sunrise Way, Toowoomba Clubhouse, Ability Enterprises and Yellowbridge are doing to support their community.

Study Tour 2

31st Oct 2018 - Making Change Happen -  join us on a trip to Brisbane to learn about decision making, policy development and how to influence this in a positive manner.  Meet Parliamentary members. Click here to find out more about this study tour.

February 2018 Alumni Day

Click here to download the agenda for the SBCLP Alumni development day held up at the Bunya Mountains.  Explore different facilitation roles and skills to enhance your leadership.

August 2018 Alumni Day

31st Aug 2018 - Smart Thinking for better decisions, action and results - This workshop will explore what thinking is, identify common errors that can derail our efforts, and look at how we can think together, more critically, more collaboratively and more creatively to get better results.

The venue for the Workshops and Dinner is at TAFE Queensland - Kingaroy Campus , located on the corner of the Bunya Highway and Geritz Road, Kingaroy Q. 
TAFE Queensland play a huge role in supporting the community and we are thankful to be able to hold these events at the Kingaroy Campus.
Local TAFE Queensland students will further hone their skills by providing food and beverage service during the workshops and will assist The Saucy Fork during the dinners.

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