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"Affordable advertising solutions for businesses and community organisations within the South Burnett Region"

"Video advertising is the next step in setting your business apart from others and allows you to connect with your audience and direct them to your website, Facebook page or to purchase your product"

Businesses within the South Burnett region can advertise at the  Kingaroy Cinema for $45 per week.     Cinema advertising    is an affordable option  that allows you to pass on your marketing message more effectively.    Sound and images create feeling and will give your customers a better understanding of your business and message.

"Let us help tell your story so that it sticks in the minds of the viewers  long after they have seen your ad "

Blocks consist of 4 weeks.  Ads are to be between 15-60 seconds long.

Whilst preference is given for monthly (4 weeks) bookings, fortnightly block bookings may be available at a slightly increased rate (subject to availability).

Block 3Friday 29th March to Thursday 25th April 2019$220.00*
Block 4Friday 26th April to Thursday 23rd May 2019$180.00
Block 5Friday 24th May to Thursday 20th June 2019$180.00
Block 6Friday 21st June to Thursday 18th July 2019$220.00*
Block 7Friday 19th July to Thursday 15th August 2019$180.00
Block 8Friday 16th August to Thursday 12th September 2019$180.00
Block 9Friday 13th September to Thursday 10th October 2019$220.00*
Block 10Friday 11th October to Thursday 7th November 2019$180.00
Block 11Friday 8th November to Thursday 5th December 2019$180.00
Block 128 Week Christmas Promotion – pay for only 6 weeks Friday 6th December to Thursday 30th January 2020$390.00**

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Video Ad's Shown at the Kingaroy Cinema 

(Please note that TAFE &  K4K produces all their own ads; Dental Essentials, Le Creme Dance Academy, SBMCS and Kingaroy Dance Academy produced their own ad)

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