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2018 Workshops

You better be sitting down when you click this button.  Amazing guest presenters from all over Australia....right here in the South Burnett.  Building Better Regions Fund and RECF bring to you, a range of programs to equip participants with skills, knowledge and experiences, enhancing training and development, and to build a stronger South Burnett.

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South Burnett Community Leadership Program

Do you want better results in your life, business, industry or community?  To Connect with like-minded people and gain support to succeed; To Develop skills to create the results you want; To Be part of increasing the health and prosperity of the South Burnett region?  Running annually since 2014...click here to be part of something amazing

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Red Earth

The RECF enables our region to support young people, respond to challenges we face, encourage creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and so much more.  RECF was launched in February 2013 and was formed in the South Burnett to help our community help itself. Designed to build on the existing strengths and unique features of our region, click here to find out more.

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2014 Group Picture

Tina - front row, second from left

2016 Group Picture

Kylie - front row, first on left

Torkit Business Solutions is proud to be involved in providing administrative assistance to the South Burnett Community Leadership Program committee in helping with preparations for upcoming Community Leadership Programs.

Tina Torrens, Torkit Business Solutions Manager and Business Consultant, had the opportunity to be one of the 15 graduates in the first program held back in 2014.  "It was a life altering experience" Tina said.  "I met like-minded people who shared common goals and we still keep in touch, also crossing paths at local events".

Kylie van Schyndel joined the team at Torkit in October 2015 as a Project Officer and went on to become a SBCLP participant in 2016.  "I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into but I trusted Tina and her experience and had also heard from other past participants who got so much out of the program" Kylie said. "I am so glad to now be part of the organising committee as both a volunteer and as a Torkit staff member.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and be a part of a wider community network".

2015 Group Picture

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2017 Group Picture

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2018 Group Picture

Getting ready for 2018

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Tina Torrens (centre)

Red Earth Nurtures Future Leaders

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Kylie van Schyndel (front row far right)

Tina Torrens (back row, 4th from left)

Carissa Awarded Inaugural Bursary

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Kylie van Schyndel (centre)