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If you are wanting to find out more about Professor Selena Bartlett's program, contact Anna Tarraran on 0407 269 549 or via email
If you are wanting to find out more about Sheryl Batchelor's program, call Sheryl on 0413 484 276 or email her at

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Brain Fitness for Healthy Bodies - Workshop

Saturday 20th February 2016, 9.30am - 12.30pm


Enterprise Centre, Kingaroy

Cost: $75 per person


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Do you want to learn how to:


Improve your memory?


Reduce stress and worry?


Sleep better?


Improve brain and body health?


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Professor Selena Bartlett

Selena Bartlett


Former resident of Nanango



Selena Bartlett is a Group Leader in Neuroscience and Brain Fitness at the Translational Research Institute at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation.


Selena is a Research Capacity Building Professor in the School of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health, QUT

Professor Selena Bartlett launched the Brain Vitality mobile app and presented a TEDx talk about the brain fitness and neuroplasticity revolution underway.

BVI App Developer

BVI Selena



Group Leader



Sheryl Batchelor - Education Specialist

Sheryl Pic6

25 years teaching and leadership experience in a variety of educational settings including early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools.

Completed training in neuroplasticity programs in Australia, Canada and America. Taught various neuroplasticity programs at conferences and workshops across Australia and in America.

Bridging the gap between neuroscience, education and psychology and making this knowledge available to all is Sheryl's greatest passion.




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Approved Coach



Professor Selena Bartlett & Sheryl Batchelor – Improve Your Brain Fitness for the Knowledge Economy

Anna Tarrarans Story – Brain Fitness and how it changed her life

Why we need to measure brain health and vitality | Selena Bartlett | TEDxQUT


Selena Bartlett – A Novel Treatment Approach for Obesity: Targeting Brain Nicotinic Receptors…

Sheryl Batchelor – ABC Interview – Shaping Brains


Growing your brain – enhancing leadership by changing your mindset – Professor Selena Bartlett

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