Digital Marketing, Media and Training

Training and Professional Development

We can customise workshops to suit your business / community needs.

 🙄 One-on-one; small or large groups

 🙄 On or off-site

 🙄 Online – we can develop customised internal online training

Fire Evacuation Training

Emergencies – Fire, Bomb and other; Identify causes of fire;  Site risks;  General Evacuation Instructions;  First Response Evacuation;  Fire classifications and Methods of Extinguishing a fire;  Practical use of a Fire Extinguisher;  Fire Wardens – who are they

Customised Workshops

Computer skills - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database (Access), Publisher, Desktop, File Management; Managing Conflict Positively; Communication and Overcoming Barriers in the Workplace; Teams and Team Building; Time Management / Work Priorities; How to run effective Meetings; Project and Event Management; Process Development


Please note that our workshops are non-accredited.  If you are seeking accredited training via a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), please let us know at the time of your enquiry.

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